Meet Your September Resident of the Month!

Joyce was born in Philadelphia and moved to Delaware in 1995. She worked in offices in Philadelphia and Delaware. She enjoyed putting together large puzzles, sewing clothes and crocheting bedspreads for her children and family.  Joyce and her husband were married for 45 years and have a son and a daughter. Now her family has grown, adding one granddaughter and three great-grandchildren.   She now enjoys doing word puzzles, crocheting scarves on a loom, and socializing [...]

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Meet Your August Resident of the Month

Meet Your August Resident of the Month: Terry C.  Terry was born in Wilmington, DE. She has two sisters, one brother and another brother who passed away. She worked at the Delaware Dry Goods Sewing and Decorating Supply Store in Newark, packing orders.   Terry moved to Polaris in 2020 – she was our 20th Resident admitted into our new center. She enjoys coloring to strengthen her hands, visiting with her family, collecting hummingbirds and dream [...]

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Meet Your July Resident of the Month

Meet Your July Resident of the Month: Sarah W. Sarah was born in Delaware and was married to her husband for 61 years. She and her husband had one daughter, one granddaughter and now a great grandson, as well as her son-in-law and grandson-in-law. She worked as a switchboard operator for Ocean Downs and was a hostess at area restaurants. She said she loved to cook and her husband loved to eat. She enjoys working [...]

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Meet Your June Resident of the Month

  We are proud to announce that Stephen is our Resident of the Month. He was born in New Jersey and has been married to Rita for 17yrs. Stephen played the guitar in bands in New Jersey and is a huge fan of Rock and Roll Music. He has been to Disney 12 times  and his favorite character is Mickey Mouse. He has built model railroads and has spent many vacations in Lancaster and the [...]

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Meet our April Resident of the Month

Resident of the Month: Bill L. We are pleased to announce that Bill is our April Resident of the Month. Bill and his wife were married for 60 years and raised 4 kids, 10 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.   Bill farmed 1,000 acres and also had dairy cows.  In his spare time, he enjoyed Ring  Jousting  on horses,  winning numerous competitions. He trained bird dogs, hunted and danced the jitterbug, polka and the waltz with [...]

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Meet Our February Resident of the Month

We are pleased to announce that Shyneika Taylor is our Resident of the Month for February. She is originally from Snow Hill, MD, and later moved to Newark, DE. She has two beautiful children and is working hard to get back home with them. She loves to travel and her favorite trip was to Puerto Rico.   She worked as a CNA and also in Insurance Billing. Shyneika shows her love for the community with volunteering [...]

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